Nerdversity 101 interviews You Tube Star ACESpark

5by5nJoin Aaron, Hayden and Steve as they sit down and talk to YouTube star and LPer ACESpark.

If you’re interested in checking out any of ACE’s stuff, you can find his channel here:

You can check out ACE’s other stuff, including games at Sprites-Inc. here:

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A pair of sci-fi themed “All about that Base” parodies

5by5nFirst up, “all about that space” one that I found by accident while looking for the other that I haven’t seen make the rounds too many times. After that “all about that base” which is exclusively star wars focused as opposed to the broader focus of “all about that space” which features nods to all kinds of sci-fi properties.



Podcast Con reports: RainFurrest

rainfurrest-2014-cyberpunk-logoJoin Aaron as he talks to Hayden Blackhawk about his adventures at Rainfurrest 2014.

You can check out the official rainfurrest website here:

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The G.I.Joe Millennium Falcon? (an amazing custom by Jeremy Hill found on Universal Joes)

gi-joeI was floored when I first saw this and I had to share it. Check out the images shared below (with permission) of Jeremy Hill’s amazing G.I.Joe Millennium Falcon. He posted Here on Universal Joes a closed G.I.Joe FB page of which I am member (and you should join too, if for no other reason than tell Jeremy how cool this is)

m56 mf1 mf2 mf3 mf4 mf5 mf7

Podcast Con Reports: RETRO CON

retroconAlex is back….back from RetroCon. Join Aaron and Alex as they talk about what Alex got up to at RetroCon

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The History of G.I.Joe: Gary “Gyre-Viper” Goggles fills us in on the birth of A Real American Hero


Join Aaron and Sam (me) as they continue their look at 50 years of GI Joe. This time, they’re joined by Gary “Goggles” Head AKA Gyre-Viper from JoeDeclassified and the JDSO podcast. In this episode, we take a look at the origins of the 1980s relaunch of GI Joe: A Real American Hero, retouching quickly on the 12″ iteration’s origin. Gary lends us his brain, Aaron fills us in on a few things that were happening in Europe at the same time with Action Force, and finally Aaron asks both Gary and Sam about the future of the brand. This is an extravaganza of awesome Joe stuff. You can listen to it bellow in the embedded audio player or use the drop down menu above to locate sources for easy mobile listening.  (and be sure to scroll passed the audio for some cool images and links!)

















You can hear more from Gyre-Viper @
You can also participate in awesome Joe discussion in the G.I.Joe Discussion Facebook page. If your interested Nerdversity’s own trivia images an example and a blank (with a link to more info is below)20140714-161653-58613123.jpg














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