Nerdversity 101 interviews Sam Wells, former DDP Staff and G.I.Joe Writer

gijoe-sm-brazil_00_00_1179514102Join Aaron and Sam (Sears) as they chat with Sam Wells. Sam lived a dream. In this interview we discuss his internship at Devils Due Publishing and how this G.I.Joe fan ended up writing a Special Missions Brazil story inspired by the original figures. We also discuss his other work within the company including touching on his work with the filecards and the DDP era of G.I.Joe in general

If you active in the G.I.Joe Group Discussion, or the community, you may know Sam Wells as Queelock, or as Toy De Jour. He also recently made some news by sharing some concept art (shown below)

It’s a short one, but a good one, and hope to have Sam back soon (to talk about the concept art and more) you can listen to the episode  embedded below or use the drop down menu above to navigate to Itunes on Stitcher to subscribe for easy mobile listening.

Sam Wells is currently running a toy store in Chicago called Toy De Jour, give him  a like on facebook,  or visit his store’s site to see what he is up to.


None of the four shown above were released. These appear to be from the JVC/Spytroops/VVV era. Son of Kwinn would eventually become Ghost Bear in VVV and look completely different. Serpentor’s design shares the design of the Spytroops Shipwreck disguise, and in the lower right you can see DTC Scrap Iron and the disguise gear for Burnout, the new Dreadnok from that era.

Personally I love this look for all 4 shown. -Sam

Nerdversity101 episode 45 Power Rangers: Kakuranger vs. MMPR Season 3.

Ninja_Sentai_Kakuranger_#37_-_Karakasa_Dansu_Joou (2)Join SoloJones and CVFan32 as they continue their look at Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers, this time Kakuranger vs. MMPR Season 3.

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Nerdversity 101’s G.I.Joe 50th Celebration Part 1

GI_JOE_VINTAGE_LOGONerdversity 101 begins a multipart look at the history of my (Sam) favorite franchise!

Join Aaron, myself (Sam) and Alex as we discuss 50 years of GI Joe.

In part 1, we briefly run down 50 years of Joe (with a few bits of trivia inserted) and go right back to the 1960s and 1970s, where we discuss the origins of Joe, America’s Moveable Fighting Man and Adventure Team. We also take a look at Action Man, Joe’s European Counterpart and finally, how Joe has impacted the line since.

Throughout we bring up snippets of trivia and also provide a simple background for the brand in general, regardless of what iteration you like.

you can listen via the embedded player below, or use the dropdown menu above to locate us on Stitcher or Itunes for easy mobile listening.

something we didn’t get a chance to talk about and even forgot to mention was “Super Joe” We would love to know if there is a Super Joe expert out there, or what your thoughts are on what is (by many) considered the strangest form of Joe.

Nerdversity 101 interviews James Corlett

cheetorJoin Aaron, Alex, Steve and Hayden as they interview famous voice actor Ian James Corlett, best known for his roles as Cheetor, Goku, Sly Cooper, Mega Man and loads more besides.

We also find out about Ian’s love for the James Bond franchise and about his new productions through Rabbit Hole Entertainment.

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Remember almost all of our podcasts are “evergreen” that is good to listen to anytime and not overly tied to current events, so be sure to catch up on some past installments!

Nerdversity 101 refelects on the Sega Dreamcast

5by5n Nerdversity 101 members Aaron, Alex and Hayden as they celebrate 15 years of Sega’s final console, the Dreamcast

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Nerdversity 101 interviews David Kaye (BW Megatron, DIC’s General Hawk and many more)

MegatronbwJoin SoloJones, Jaxs, GinraiPrime, CornishGamer and Hayden Blackhawk as they chat to David Kaye. Known to many as the voice of Megatron in the Beast Era and Unicron Trilogy, as well as Optimus Prime in Animated. Outside of Transformers he is known for many other voices like Trieze Khushrenada, Sesshomaru, Clank, G.I. Joe’s General Hawk (DIC), Recoome and JARVIS just to name a few.

Embedded below for your convenience :

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