Our Friends at Serpentor’s Lair are interested in a kickstarter and want your input!

Hector_RamirezOur friend’s at Serpentor’s lair have expressed interest in doing a kickstarter project. I’m pretty sure it would be 1:18 scale.  Do you have some ideas you want to share with them? Want to hear whats being talked about?

Check it out here:  (and if you want to tell them the ideas I posted are awesome… I’m cool with that :) ) -Sam

Amazing Heroes: Retro Style Super Hero aciton figure kickstarter.

amazinghereoskickstarterlineFresh Monkey Fiction has been hard at work spreading the word about their kickstarter line and recently added “the Turtle” (the Spectre like guy to the far right) to their line up. They haven’t quite made their goal yet, but you still have a week to pitch in and get some classic hero merch.

check out the kickstarter HERE

Voice Actor Neil Ross discusses his proffession (voice of Shipwreck, Springer, Green Goblin and more)

5by5nVoice actor for many nerd favorites such as G.I.Joe’s Shipwreck and Dusty, Transformers Springer, Pryde of the X-men’s Wolverine and even Green Goblin, shared his thoughts via youtube about his profession.

Check it out below and be sure to check out Rosemary Ward’s youtube channel as a whole. -Sam

Nerdversity interview with Tranformer’s Perceptor, Paul Eiding (embedded within this link and on Itunes and Stitcher @ nerdversity101 )

5by5nWhile I spent time passing a kidney stone, Aaron “SoloJones”, Jaxs,CornishGamer, GinraiPrime and Hayden Blackhawk were honored to interview  Paul Eiding. Mr. Eiding is famous for the roles of Perceptor in transformers, as well Grandpa Max,Colonel Campbell and a wide range of roles that you may know him from.  You can listen to the episode embedded below or you can look us up on Itunes or stitcher keyword nerdversity101 -Sam